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Why are you moving so slow?

We are under no pressure to expand geographically. No pressure to hit any volume numbers. No pressure to develop multiple beers. None of that. What we are committed to doing is making quality beer for Mississippi consumers and keep our beer dollars in our state. And we like to employ solid business practices with our retailers and distributors along the way. From production to distribution to retailers to happy customers, we like to plan out each step and look out for everyone’s interests.

We like to say that Colsons is a craft beer you can count on. With each beer that comes out, when you see the Colsons brand, you can trust that beer is well made and should be very drinkable. That takes time, patience and dedication. Or we won’t produce it. And along with the consumer side, our distributors and our retailers need us to be a consistent, reliable source of product. And we take that just as serious. Everybody in the loop matters to us.